Small Groups

Welcome to our church's Small Group Ministry, where faith deepens, friendships flourish, and lives are transformed. In these intimate gatherings, we believe that the strength of a community lies in the connections we share. Our Small Group Ministry provides a space where individuals can explore their faith, engage in meaningful discussions, and find genuine support in a smaller, more personal setting.

These small groups, tailored to various interests and life stages, serve as a sanctuary for open dialogue, Bible study, and prayer. Within these circles, friendships are nurtured, and spiritual growth is encouraged. Participants have the opportunity to share their experiences, struggles, and triumphs, finding solace in the understanding and encouragement of fellow believers.

Beyond the spiritual nourishment, our Small Group Ministry extends its reach into the community. Through collective efforts, these groups engage in outreach initiatives, supporting local charities, volunteering, and spreading kindness. Each small group becomes a beacon of light, illuminating not only the lives of its members but also the broader community.

Join our Small Group Ministry and discover a place where you can ask questions, seek guidance, and find purpose. It's not just a gathering; it's a family, a support system, and a source of spiritual enrichment. Together, we delve into the depths of faith, embracing the journey of discovery and fostering enduring connections that last a lifetime.

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Small groups help people grow in their faith and build community. Our groups take place throughout the week in different neighborhoods, so use this form to find or start the group that's right for you and your community. We'd love to have you join us!